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  • 55A Non-Touch Pilot Arc Plasma Cutter
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    What is plasma cutting?

    Plasma cutting uses a high-velocity jet of ionized gas, or plasma, to cut through electrically conductive materials. An electrical arc is created between an electrode and the workpiece, ionizing the gas (often air, oxygen, nitrogen, or argon) passed through the torch nozzle, turning it into plasma. The plasma jet reaches temperatures up to 30,000°F (16,600°C), which is hot enough to melt the metal. The high-velocity gas jet blows away the molten metal, creating a clean cut.

    Technology, machines concept. Industrial laser cutting steel metal with many bright sparks
    Plasma Cutting Safety Measures

    The advantage of plasma cutting

    • Speed: Plasma cutting is faster than traditional methods like oxy-fuel cutting, especially for thinner materials.
    • Precision: It provides high precision, capable of producing intricate shapes with fine detail.
    • Versatility: Can cut a wide variety of metals including steel, stainless steel, aluminum, copper, and brass.
    • Clean Cuts: Produces clean cuts with minimal slag or dross, reducing the need for secondary finishing.
    • Thickness Range: Effective for cutting materials of various thicknesses, from thin sheets to thick plates.

    Industries Where plasma cutting Can Be Applied

    • Manufacturing and Fabrication:Cutting metal parts and components for machinery, equipment, and various products.
    • Construction:Cutting metal beams, plates, and structural components for buildings, bridges, and infrastructure.
    • Shipbuilding and Marine Industry:Cutting large metal plates and components for ships, boats, and offshore structures. Used for repair and maintenance of marine vessels.
    • Oil and Gas Industry:Cutting pipelines, pressure vessels, and other components that require precise and clean cuts.
    • Metal Recycling:Cutting and resizing scrap metal for recycling purposes.
    • Home and DIY Projects:Hobbyists and DIY enthusiasts use plasma cutters for various home projects, including metal art, furniture, and custom metalwork.
    Industries Where plasma cutting Can Be Applied

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