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YesWelder is a fast-growing brand owned by WeldMart Inc. Company which specializes in design, R&D, and manufacture of state-of-the-art welding products including welders, plasma cutters, welding helmets, and accessories. We aim to provide durable, affordable, and quality welding equipment to every welding enthusiast.

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YesWelder, the brand owned by WeldMart Inc. Company, who is specialized in design, R&D, and manufacture of state-of-the-art welding products including welders, plasma cutters, welding helmets, and accessories enjoyed by those passionate about welding. The products are highly favored by consumers, and perfect for both home and industrial use.

1000+ workers, 65 R&D engineers, 57 QC employees, and 8 production plants enable us to yearly carry out creative new ODM projects to market, helping end users to pay less but own more functions in one compact machine.

The YesWelder story began in 2006 when our five co-founders decided on a simple yet profound goal: to provide durable, affordable, and quality welding equipment to those who love and practice the craft. It has been our vision since the brand was born.

Time comes to 2010, as we continued building our foundation, providing stable and top-grade products, we realized the importance of not just manufacturing high-quality equipment, but also truly understanding the real needs and pain points of those who use and buy our products. A new mission is gradually budding……

In Year 2018, we transformed YesWelder into a Direct to Consumer brand, and quickly became the top seller on Amazon with stable quality and reasonable prices. This change allowed us to develop meaningful and long-lasting connections with our customers, and incorporate deeper of their experiences, frustrations, and goals in our development process. With all feedback, we have been able to improve, upgrade, design, and develop better products that can speak to their real-life needs. Meanwhile, we started our offline distributor business and worked together with our partners continuously providing qualified products to end users, where they can experience and take the products directly home from the stores.

YesWelder, is always on the way……




Production Plants

Yearly New ODM Projects

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3-Months Free Trial Sales

YesWelder provides a three-month free trial sale support to help distributors test the market.

Distributors select the products they want to sell in stores and pay for the display samples.
If sales are generated, products will be sent to customers from YesWelder’s warehouse directly.

YesWelder settle with distributors at wholesale price, and the profit generated during the sales belongs to distributors.
When the free trial sale is going to expire, distributors can decide whether to go on with the sales ,and place order to YesWelder according to the actual situation. (NOTE: This support is valid only for the US market)


Advanced Quality Control

Seventeen years of manufacturing and brand-operation experience enable us to understand the market’s real needs, and the pain points for the products.

  • Through creative innovation and advanced technology, we can always improve the user experience timely.
  • We promise to use stable & high-quality components to ensure product durability.
  • Every YesWelder product goes through a complete quality control inspection before packing.

Sales Promotion&Support

To help distributors to expand the market, YesWelder will invest in advertisement promotion, including but not limited to search engines like Google, forums, groups, and video advertising, which can increase brand exposure, establish brand images and make business happen easier.

Every distributor will be issued a sales target accomplishment award when they reach the annual sales target as encouragement.

Reliable Aftermarket Support

YesWelder ensures the protection of our distributors by providing product liability insurance and legal assistance from professional lawyers. We prioritize our distributors’ interests by offering strong after-sales service, including 1% spare parts for quick maintenance and a one-year whole machine quality assurance. Trust YesWelder to be your reliable partner and address any concerns you may have.

Distributor applicaiton
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Confirm agent's level

Sign distributor agreement

Become official distributor

Primary distributor

Annual purchase amount < 500K USD

Senior Distributor

Annual purchase amount < 4000K USD

Exclusive Distributor

Annual purchase amount ﹥4000K USD


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